Edu Info By Vick Moore

AR Accelerated Reader


Easy Button: Easy Button

In my class when a student takes a test and gets between 90 -100% they can press the EASY button. I purchased this at Staples for 5 bucks…who knew that was the best $5 I have spent in a long time? The kids love to press that when they do well.
We have P.T.A. motivators and awards where they get their name up on our AR Wall of Fame in the office hallway. Also they get special awards from the PTA when they obtain higher points. Pencils, bracelets, bookmarks, water bottles, dog tags, etc.
I have incentives in my classroom that don’t cost me much. Sit with a friend during DEAR time for a week, no homework pass, popcorn during DEAR, treasure chest, sit anywhere you want in the room for a whole day. Also I got this idea from another teacher …the first person to hit 50 points will get a webkinz.

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0-5 points
Donito A.
Madison A.
Christopher B.
Bilal D.
Victoria F.
Andy K.
Chelsea M.
Karyn P.
Sean S.
Firm S.
Melissa V.
Madison W.
Liam B.

5-10 points
Logan Cornellison

10-20 points
Nadia H.
Patrick K.
Janni S.

20-30 points
30-40 points
40-50 points
50-60 points