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This section is for you and will hopefully answer any questions you might have in regards to your child this year. As you know our district adopted new report cards in Aug. 07, due to that the district grading scale has been changed as well. It is as follows: 92-100 – A

Your child will learn more responsibility in my class particularly from using their BEE Binder. You can find more info on BEE binders at the navigation link to the left.
Some important information regarding core subjects:
Weekly pre-tests on Mondays. If they pass they get a new ‘Challenge list’ to take on Friday. Otherwise Friday they retake the regular list.
Our district has adopted a new math program 08-09. It’s called McGraw – Hill. We will be using workbook pages instead of the nightly Saxon pages.
I faithfully have reading groups 4-5 days a week. Expect for your child to bring a nightly reading book at their reading level each night in the BEE Binder.
Writing is a BIG part of 2nd grade. There are many writing standards for your child to meet. We have Writer’s Workshop in our class and a chance for your child to read what they published in our Author’s Chair.

Top Signs of Trouble in Second Grade
Your child will have trouble if he/she isn’t able to:

· Read fluently enough to comprehend materials.

· Print legibly.

· Spell frequently used words correctly.

· Add and subtract basic facts to 10 without hesitation.

· Participate within a group.

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Second Grade: What Will They Learn?

There’s lots of review in second grade, so that students truly master all the skills presented in first grade. Your child will also learn to recognize familiar words more rapidly, read new words, add and subtract faster, compose more complex sentences, spell many new words, and increase her reading and speaking vocabularies. Find out what else your child will learn this year.

Apply more complex phonics skills in his reading.
Automatically read the 200 most commonly used words.
Write sentences using correct punctuation and capitalization.
Recognize and use nouns and action verbs in sentences.
Begin writing in cursive./Third grade standard at TVUSD
Write legibly in cursive. /Third grade standard at TVUSD
Add and subtract any 2-digit number.
Handle place value concepts for 3-digit whole numbers.
Identify time to include half-hour and 5-minute intervals.
Identify the value of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars.
Value people from many cultures.
Develop a simple understanding of life, earth, and physical sciences.
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